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Duel at the Old Fulton Fish Market
New York Times 01.24.2014

Cherishing New Amsterdam Market’s Local Flavor
Epoch Times 11.25.2013

Seaport Community Feels Hughes-ed
The Broadsheet Daily 11.20.2013

Protest of South Street Seaport Plans Set for Tonight’s CB1 Meeting
Commercial Observer 11.19.2013

Developer To Unveil Plans For Marina And 50-Story Tower At South Street Seaport
NY1 11.19.2013

Plan to Redevelop South Street Seaport Includes Marina and 50-Story Tower
NY Times 11.18.2013

Rising tide lifts this boat
Craine's New York Business 06.27.2013

Save the New Amsterdam Market
150ish 06.27.2013

Good Bread: New Amsterdam Market's Bread Pavilion
Serious Eats 06.26.2013

New Amsterdam Market opens, closes & gears up to fight
Downtown Express 06.25.2013

Group Operating Out of Former Fulton Fish Market Site Hopes to Find Permanent Home There
NY1 06.24.2013

The New Amsterdam Market Pops Up for Summer
Serious Eats 06.24.2013

New Amsterdam Market Season Opening
Heritage Radio Network 06.24.2013

Diner's Journal
New York Times Weekend Fare 06.21.2013

Crawfish Boil, Mermaid Ball, New Amsterdam Market: What to Do This Weekend
Village Voice 06.21.2013

The New, New Amsterdam Market
The Broadsheet 06.21.2013

This Sunday the New Amsterdam Market Returns
Edible Manhattan 06.18.2013

New Amsterdam Market Returns to Seaport For Sunday Only
Gothamist 06.18.2013

New Amsterdam Market is Returning to South Street Seaport
Eater 06.18.2013

New Amsterdam Market Returns to Seaport, But Only for One Day
DNAinfo 06.18.2013

Seaport Reports
Downtown Express 06.13.2013

101 Things to do in the Summer in New York City 2013
TimeOut NY 05.24.2013

Seaport development deal wins praise and scorn Downtown
Downtown Express, 03.25.2013

Will the Old Fulton Fish Market Become the Next Pike Place?
Mother Jones, 03.22.2013

Magee Responds to LaValva on Seaport Concerns
The Lo-Down, 03.22.2013

LaValva’s Perspective on the Seaport Market Deal
The Lo-Down, 03.22.2013

Seaport Zoning Plan Modified
The Broadsheet Daily, 03.21.2013

City Council Approves Food Market-Heavy Pier 17 Redevelopment Plan
Grubstreet, 03.21.2013

Seaport OK gives hard hit tenants reprieve

Crains New York  Business, 03.20.2013

After Tin Building Deal, New Amsterdam Market in Limbo
The Lo-Down, 03.20.2013

Food Market For Seaport In Last-Minute Deal Over Pier 17
Tribeca Trib, 03.20.2013

Council OKs Seaport plan with food markets
Downtown Express, 03.20.2013

Save New Amsterdam Market!
Edible Brooklyn, 03.18.2013

April Bloomfield And 100 Activists Swarm To Save NYC Fish Market
The Braiser, 03.15.2013

Will New Amsterdam Market Return to the South Street Seaport?
TimeOut NY, 03.13.2013

A Food Market For New York
New York Times, Mark Bittman 03.12.2013

Will New Amsterdam Market Survive and Flourish?

The Green Rabbits 03.15.2013

Crowds Swarm for Council Hearing on Pier 17 Plan
Downtown Express 03.15.2013

South Street Seaport Developer Grilled at Hearing
Crains New York Business 03.14.2013

Fulton Fish Market Redevelopment Hearing Packed Like Sardines
DNA Info 03.14.2013

Uncertainty Shrouds New York's Plans for a Permanent Food Market at the Seaport
Archpaper 03.14.2013

Can New Amsterdam Market Revitalize the Post- Sandy Seaport?
Grubstreet 03.13.2013

Future of New Amsterdam Market is Cloudy
Lo-Down 03.13.2013

New Amsterdam Market Fights for the Seaport
Village Voice 03.12.2013

Thursday Hearing May Decide Future of East River Waterfront
Broadsheet 03.12.2013

City Council to Vote on New Developments for Fulton Fish Market
Serious Eats 03.06.2013

Star chefs fight to preserve old Fulton Fish Market
Crain's New York Business 03.05.2013

Save the Fish Market
Eater 03.05.2013

Chefs Band Together To Save Fulton Fish Market
Zagat Buzz 03.05.2013

Turning to Our Traditional Past, Seeking Sustainable Solutions for the Future
Huffington Post 03.01.2013

South ‘$weet’ Lease Deal
New York Post 02.24.2013

Open Letter April Bloomfield: Dear Old Fulton Fish Market
Port Magazine Summer 2012

A Walk to the Old Fulton Fish Market with Robert LaValva
UrbanOmnibus 07.11.2012

Landmarks: New Amsterdam Market
Edible Manhattan 07.09.2012

How Bazaar New Amsterdam Market Looks Back, and Looks Ahead
The Broadsheet 06.05.2012

New Amsterdam Market Seeking Support for Seaport Expansion
Tribeca Trib 06.01.2012

LaValva and Howard Hughes Corp. joust over Seaport's Future
Downtown Express 05.30.2012

CB1 Resdients Really Love the New Amsterdam Market
Curbed 05.16.2012

Last Chance Foods: A Fish Market Returns
WNYC 05.18.2012

Sweet, Sweet Justice
New York Press 05.03.2012

Good Bread: New Amsterdam Market's Bread Pavilion
Serious Eats 05.03.2012

The Wedding Invitation of Christine C. Quinn and Kim M. Catullo
The New York Times 04.25.2012

On the Waterfront: Op Ed
The New York Times 04.05.2012

The Fisher King
New York Post 04.02.2012

A Love-in for the New Amsterdam Market
Downtown Express 02.15.2012

On the Spot: Robert LaValva
Downtown Express 12.28.2011

Howard Hughes Pitches Pier Plans
Downtown Express 12.21.2011

Sour Sops and Solstice
Hungry Ghost 12.21.2011

Pickle or Perish
Huffington Post 11.16.2011

New Amsterdam Market: Cider Week Kickoff
Sara Forrest Photo 10.01.2011

The Wild Wild Mushrooms of the New Amsterdam Market
Village Voice 09.25.2011

Our Top Artisan Food Markets in America
Bon Appetit 09.19.2011

Screaming for Ice Cream at New Amsterdam Market
Downtown Express 08.24.2011

A Look at New Amsterdam Market
Serious Eats 07.14.2011

The Great Cheap Outdoors
New York Magazine 07.10.2011

What Are You in the Market For?
Brooklyn Based 06.23.2011

Eye on Culture: New Amsterdam Market
The New Yorker Photo Booth 06.6.2011

Grassroots rally to "Save Our Seaport"
Downtown Express 05.26.2011

Power Picnics
New York Post 05.27.2011

美味しいスポット New Amsterdam Market
Metro Navi 05.27.2011

Market Opens Amidst its Uncertain Future
Downtown Express 05.4-11 2011

Councilmembers Ring in Season for New Amsterdam Market Downtown
DNA Info 05.1.2011

Competing Visions for South St. Seaport
Downtown Express 04.20. - 26. 2011

New Amsterdam Market Stretches Out
The Lo- Down 02.15.2011

Nueva York
Travel + Leisure Mexico 11.2010

Glynwood at the New Amsterdam Market
Sara Forrest Photo 10. 25. 2010

The Top 10 Lunches at Farmers' Markets
Bon Appetit September 2010

Tasty Trips to the Source
The New York Post 07.19.10

Seaport Vision Coming Into Focus
The Lo Down 04.01.10

Best Outdoor Market
New York Magazine Best of New York 2010

Food market can replace old fish market, says Quinn
The Villager 03.0910

Fresh food at old fish market? Quinn says do it
Downtown Express 02.26.10

Officials Seek Permanent Market at Seaport
The New York Times - Diner's Journal 02.22.10

Fishing for Fulton Vision
AM New York 02.19.10

Quinn Sees Fulton Food Market
The New York Post 02.19.10

Markets for Home Cooking
The New York Post 11.11.09

Market Driven Economy
Edible Manhattan 11.02.09

Shop Right / The New Amsterdam Market
The New York Times - The Moment 09.18.09

In New York, Reviving A Historic Market
The Atlantic 09.09.09

Market Returns
Downtown Express 08.20.09

Interview with SoHo Journal
SoHo Journal 03.11.09

New Amsterdam Market Benefit Paves Way to Permanence
The Feed / Time Out New York 02.27.09

Meet and Eat: Robert LaValva, New Amsterdam Market
Serious Eats 02.19.09

Eat Oyster Dinner, Support New Amsterdam Market
New York Magazine 02.19.09

New Amsterdam Market Returns, With Oysters and Beer
Gothamist 02.18.09

Nosh-Talgia Merchants
The New York Post 02.18.09

2 farmer markets by the Seaport — and one’s going to stay
Downtown Express 07.04.08

New Amsterdam Market
Eat Well Guide 07.03.08

New York's New Amsterdam Market
Conde Nast Traveler 07.03.08

Weekend Notes: A Look at The New Amsterdam Market
Eater 06.30.08

Free Sample Sunday at the New Amsterdam Marketk and UnFancy Food Show
Serious Eats 06.30.08

UnFancy Food Show and New Amsterdam Market Draw Big Hungry Crowds
Gothamist 06.30.08

Market Report: Double the Fresh Food for Fidi
Racked, New York 06.27.08

Trying to Find the Right Balance for the Seaport
The New York Times, 06.27.08

Showdown on South Street
The New York Times 06.25.08

Hungry for a Market, But Where?
The New York Times 01.02.08

A Word from Ed Levine
Serious Eats 12.17.07

Fulton Fish Market Reborn as Locavore Paradise?
Downtown Express 12.13.07

A glimpse into the Seaport’s future? Temporary food market has big plans 12.12.07

Public food market returns to Seaport
AMNY 12.10.07 Wintermarket Set For December 16th.
Gothamist 11.28.07

Seaport Market Puts Hopes in Batali, Grass-fed Steer
Grub Street, New York Magazine. 11.27.07

Interview: Robert LaValva and the New Amsterdam Public
Slow Food USA Blog 11.16.07A New Market for New York?
Gothamist 11.15.07

New Vision for a Historic Space
New York Sun 09.19.07

Public Market a Possibility in the Seaport
Tribeca Trib 10.11.06

Seaport firm, residents like food market to replace Fish Market
Downtown Express 9.22.06