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South Street Seaport Fish Market
Quadricentennial Market, September 13 2009 photo by Robin Riley
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A Public Market is a place, a district, or a system where commerce is governed by rules and regulations that have a civic aim. Founded in 2005, New Amsterdam Market is an economic development association whose mission is to establish a public market to promote and sustain:

  • A thriving society of small businesses
  • Responsible agriculture, fisheries, and food production
  • Regional economies, and fair trade between regions
  • Equitable access to real food

These same goals have long been championed in New York City by the Greenmarket system of farmers markets, an organization of the highest integrity. New Amsterdam Market is creating a similar, complementary market system that serves the needs of a new and growing economic sector:  purveyors, manufacturers, distributors and other small businesses who fall outside of the traditional farmers market model but nonetheless hold the same values and ideals.

A Market of Purveyors
A purveyor is defined as “One who provides victuals, or whose business is to make provision for the table.” As a market of purveyors, New Amsterdam Market is greatly expanding New York City’s connections to sources of clean food from the region and around the world.

A Growing Institution
After holding six consecutive seasons of markets and promotional events at the Old Fulton Fish Market in Lower Manhattan we have established a unique and growing community of vendors, many of them based in New York City. Their collective expertise in sourcing and utilizing healthful, responsibly produced ingredients now embraces every facet of a complete and transparent food system.

Our aim is to strengthen these businesses by providing needed infrastructure such as storage, processing facilities, and distribution services; and to continue building symbiotic relationships between growers, harvesters, manufacturers, purveyors, and their wholesale and retail customers.

We will continue advocating that the Old Fulton Fish Market be preserved and rehabilitated as a genuine public market, neighborhood amenity, worldwide destination, and engine for cultural and economic development.

Market Dedication 1929


New Amsterdam Market

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